“Ten Uncommon Filipino Words”



  • Filipino word: Sulatroniko

Definition: A system for sending messages from one computer to another computer. (Source: Merriam-Webster)

Example: May SULATRONIKO ka ba??



  • Filipino word: Pantablay

Definition: A device for charging storage batteries. (Source: Merriam-Webster)

Example: Meron ka bang PANTABLAY?


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  • Filipino word: Duyog

Definition: An occasion when the sun looks like it is completely or partially covered with a dark circle because the moon is between the sun and the Earth. (Source: Merriam-Webster)

Example: May DUYOG daw mamaya.


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  • Filipino word: Salwahan

Definition: Two Faced Asshole

Example: Ikaw ay isang SALWAHAN.


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  • Filipino word: Bansag

Definition: Nickname

Example: Ang BANSAG sakanya ay Princess.


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  • Filipino word: Panginain

Definition: Computer program. (Browser)

Example: Buksan mo ang iyong PANGINAIN.


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  • Filipino word: Anluwage

Definition: Carpenter

Example: Ikaw ay isang ANLUWAGE.


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  • Filipino word: Tampipi

Definition: Suit case

Example: Asan na ang TAMPIPI?


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  • Filipino word: Silakbo

Definition: Emotional outburst

ExampleAng kanyang damdamin ay nagSILAKBO.



  • Filipino word: Marahuyo

Definition: To be enchanted

Example: Siya ay naMARAHUYO ng prinsesa.


The Maid


Are you scared? 


A 2005 Singaporean horror film, The Maid, is a story about a maid who came from Philippines. She was employed by the Teo family, a family with many secrets. The film was directed by Kelvin Tong and starring Alessandra de Rossi.

Rosa, a filipino lady, went to Singapore to work as a domestic helper for the Teo family. She arrives on the Hungry Ghost Month, when according to the Chines folklore, the gates of hell opens so the dead can go to earth. Rosa was not familiar with the rituals that the people follows, sweeps the ashes on the floor that are better off alone and she starts seeing ghost, hearing strange sounds and the doors keep opening without anyone opening it. Mr. Teo and Mrs. Teo introduced their mentally disabled child, Ah Soon. Ah Soon develops affection to Rosa and Rosa plays along with his childish behaviour.  As days goes by, she discovers that there was a maid 2 years ago before her named Esther. Esther apparently also has good relationship with Ah Soon. That is when Rosa thinks that there is something wrong going on. When Rosa is left alone in the house, she roams around the house and discovered a drum where the burnt body of Esther was placed. Esther’s spirit shows her a vision and that is when Rosa found out the reason why Esther died. Esther was raped by Ah Soon and when she was going to call the police Mr. Teo beat her to the ground and burned her. When Rosa knew it, she planned to escape from the Teo family but unfortunately she was found by Mrs. Teo. They planned to get their son marry Rosa. Rosa didn’t agree and Esther’s spirit helped Rosa to escape. Rosa escaped and she went back to the Philippines with the ashes of Esther.

At first I thought that the movie is boring because the first few minutes of the movie did not catch my attention, but as I watch the movie, it was a captivating movie. I got curious when strange events start happening to Rosa. I always get frightened when the ghosts suddenly appear.

The maid is like a combination of Japanese and Singapore feel which gives the movie a different feel and experience, this makes the movie stand out from other horror movies. The cinematography of the movie was beautiful be it in limited lighting or in broad light. The editing of the movie was good; you will really get scared when some ghosts appear.

The Maid was worth watching. It has a super tense story and it will give us some knowledge about the culture in Singapore; like the Hungry ghost month or when watching an opera the front seat is only for the dead and other more. I recommend this movie for those people who like watching horror movies.



When I was in elementary, I was a very shy girl. I wont talk to the kids that I don’t know. I will not recite if the teacher will not call me. But when I was already a Grade 8 student,My bestfriend is a very talkative person until now so I think it is because of her that i started talking with others.  Now, I am still a shy person but not as shy when I was in Elementary.

What does it mean to connect? How can we connect?

For me connecting means interacting with other people or things. Talking, chatting,and  having fun with them is connecting. Talking with your bestfriend about your crushes or other things is an example of connecting. Using your phone is also an example of connecting because there is an interaction between you and your phone.

In this generation, phones/gadgets are used for connecting with others. Communicating with your friends, family, acquaintance and other people is important. Interacting with others is important for us to gain new information, to learn new things and other things. Just by talking with friends can make us happy and make us feel we are not lonely because we have someone to talk to. That is what it means to connect. Connecting,interacting and communicating are important for us.



“Palate Corner”



Hey! So here’s my Restaurant review about the restaurant that we recently visited.

Sulok Cafe is located at Second Floor, Okinari Arcade Building, L. Sumulong Memorial Circle, San Roque, Upper Antipolo.  It opens at 11:00 am until 11:00 pm. It is a month old restaurant.It is owned by a young couple. It has appetizing menus. Their menu is suitable for people who like to try different type of foods, because their menus contain different dishes from other places. Sulok Cafe is a very relaxing restaurant to eat. The ambiance of the place is quiet and relaxing. They are playing the songs from Parokya ni Edgar and Eraser Heads.

This is their menu.

Cookies and Cream Frappe

This is a very delightful frappe. You can really taste the cookies and cream flavor. It also has some pieces of Oreo at the top of the frappe. A unique aspect of this drink is the addition of cream soya. It was a satisfying experience trying their cookies and cream frappe.


Chili Poppers

Chili Poppers is one of their best selling appetizer. It looks unassuming but the explosion of cheese and chili will surprise you.


Clubhouse Sandwich is one of their yummy sandwich. The vegetables in the sandwich  is fresh and the egg was cooked well. It looks unassuming but when you get a bite it taste really good. It is good for 2 people.


These are some pictures of their delicious and appetizing dishes.

I suggest to the owner to put more space inside the cafe because it is too narrow and to have more staff so that their service will be faster.

My overall conclusion to my experience in Sulok Cafe was good. It was worth visiting and eating there.

I recommend this restaurant to the people who like to eat in a relaxing environment. You can go with your friends or your boyfriend/girlfriend to have a date or bring your mother there to treat her.