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Hey! So here’s my Restaurant review about the restaurant that we recently visited.

Sulok Cafe is located at Second Floor, Okinari Arcade Building, L. Sumulong Memorial Circle, San Roque, Upper Antipolo.  It opens at 11:00 am until 11:00 pm. It is a month old restaurant.It is owned by a young couple. It has appetizing menus. Their menu is suitable for people who like to try different type of foods, because their menus contain different dishes from other places. Sulok Cafe is a very relaxing restaurant to eat. The ambiance of the place is quiet and relaxing. They are playing the songs from Parokya ni Edgar and Eraser Heads.

This is their menu.

Cookies and Cream Frappe

This is a very delightful frappe. You can really taste the cookies and cream flavor. It also has some pieces of Oreo at the top of the frappe. A unique aspect of this drink is the addition of cream soya. It was a satisfying experience trying their cookies and cream frappe.


Chili Poppers

Chili Poppers is one of their best selling appetizer. It looks unassuming but the explosion of cheese and chili will surprise you.


Clubhouse Sandwich is one of their yummy sandwich. The vegetables in the sandwich  is fresh and the egg was cooked well. It looks unassuming but when you get a bite it taste really good. It is good for 2 people.


These are some pictures of their delicious and appetizing dishes.

I suggest to the owner to put more space inside the cafe because it is too narrow and to have more staff so that their service will be faster.

My overall conclusion to my experience in Sulok Cafe was good. It was worth visiting and eating there.

I recommend this restaurant to the people who like to eat in a relaxing environment. You can go with your friends or your boyfriend/girlfriend to have a date or bring your mother there to treat her.




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