When I was in elementary, I was a very shy girl. I wont talk to the kids that I don’t know. I will not recite if the teacher will not call me. But when I was already a Grade 8 student,My bestfriend is a very talkative person until now so I think it is because of her that i started talking with others.  Now, I am still a shy person but not as shy when I was in Elementary.

What does it mean to connect? How can we connect?

For me connecting means interacting with other people or things. Talking, chatting,and  having fun with them is connecting. Talking with your bestfriend about your crushes or other things is an example of connecting. Using your phone is also an example of connecting because there is an interaction between you and your phone.

In this generation, phones/gadgets are used for connecting with others. Communicating with your friends, family, acquaintance and other people is important. Interacting with others is important for us to gain new information, to learn new things and other things. Just by talking with friends can make us happy and make us feel we are not lonely because we have someone to talk to. That is what it means to connect. Connecting,interacting and communicating are important for us.




Author: iloveBL(。’▽’。)♡

I made this blog just for fun and for academic purposes. Honestly I am a lazy girl. I love watching movies and anime,listening to music,hanging out with friends,eating,sleeping and other lazy stuffs.

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