“Ten Uncommon Filipino Words”



  • Filipino word: Sulatroniko

Definition: A system for sending messages from one computer to another computer. (Source: Merriam-Webster)

Example: May SULATRONIKO ka ba??



  • Filipino word: Pantablay

Definition: A device for charging storage batteries. (Source: Merriam-Webster)

Example: Meron ka bang PANTABLAY?


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  • Filipino word: Duyog

Definition: An occasion when the sun looks like it is completely or partially covered with a dark circle because the moon is between the sun and the Earth. (Source: Merriam-Webster)

Example: May DUYOG daw mamaya.


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  • Filipino word: Salwahan

Definition: Two Faced Asshole

Example: Ikaw ay isang SALWAHAN.


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  • Filipino word: Bansag

Definition: Nickname

Example: Ang BANSAG sakanya ay Princess.


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  • Filipino word: Panginain

Definition: Computer program. (Browser)

Example: Buksan mo ang iyong PANGINAIN.


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  • Filipino word: Anluwage

Definition: Carpenter

Example: Ikaw ay isang ANLUWAGE.


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  • Filipino word: Tampipi

Definition: Suit case

Example: Asan na ang TAMPIPI?


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  • Filipino word: Silakbo

Definition: Emotional outburst

ExampleAng kanyang damdamin ay nagSILAKBO.



  • Filipino word: Marahuyo

Definition: To be enchanted

Example: Siya ay naMARAHUYO ng prinsesa.


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